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Support a Tobacco-Free LSU

National Tobacco-Free Campus Initiative to Kick-Off Sept. 12

Ten years ago no colleges or universities had policies that prohibited all smoking or tobacco use on their campuses. Now, almost 800 have joined the ranks of the tobacco-free, including the University of Kentucky, the University of Arkansas, the University of Missouri and the entire University of Texas system.  And in Louisiana, Nicholls State and the Southern University System are tobacco free.  In fact, every campus in the LSU system --except the flagship campus -- has either become tobacco-free or has made progress toward that goal.

Isn’t it time for LSU to make a commitment to become a tobacco-free campus?

Here’s how you can express your support.  The kick-off for a national Tobacco-Free Campus initiative is taking place from 2 to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 12, in Ann Arbor, Mich.  The Fresh Campus/SmokingWords student organization will be streaming the event live in the Journalism Building’s Holliday Forum.  Come by and sign up for the Fresh Campus/ SmokingWords and sign a petition to support LSU becoming tobacco-free.

During the webcast, University of Michigan Chancellor Mary Sue Coleman will announce implementation of a smoke-free campus policy.  Howard Koh, U.S. Assistant Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services will speak.  A panel discussion of experts will be broadcast. 

Cliff Douglas, Director of the University of Michigan Tobacco Research Network, and Consulting Advisor on Tobacco Control Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will announce the launch of the Tobacco Free College Campus Initiative. The TFCCI is a consortium of tobacco specialists, higher education administrators and faculty, and other leaders from public and private sectors, with mutual interest in establishing policies which create tobacco-free college and university environments.

We will provide refreshments and door prizes for those who join Fresh Campus/SmokingWords and for faculty and staff who want to come by to show support for a healthier campus.

Why should LSU become tobacco free?  More than 90 percent of smokers begin before the age of 26, and 50 percent of those who smoke as adolescents will continue smoking for at least 16 to 20 years.  Tobacco use is a no-win situation for everyone.  According to SmokingWords research, almost 30 percent of our undergraduates are now smokers – and an increasing number are arriving as non-smokers and then start using tobacco products during their freshman year.  Yet, 25 percent of undergraduate students report they are adversely affected by exposure to secondhand-smoke and many avoid Middleton Library and the Student Union because of the large amount of secondhand smoke near the entrances to these important locations.  

Event Webcast Information for those unable to join

Fresh Campus/SmokingWords live streaming:

 A web-based simulcast will be available to the public on September 12, beginning with a live stream at 2 p.m. CDT, at the new TFCCI.org, which will launch by Sept. 10. Web participants will be able to submit questions via the website during the panel discussion portion of the webcast. We encourage groups of people to gather to watch the webcast together and to participate in the discussion. Information about this event is available at: www.tfcci.org.


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