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Click here to read about how SmokingWords celebrated "Kick Butts Day" at the LSU Health & Wellness Fair 

Tuesday, April 3
SmokingWords will present Daniel Harrington of the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans as a guest speaker in the Holliday Forum. Harrington will discuss air quality testings in Alexandria before and after a ban on smoking in the local bars and establishments. The event is free to attend, and we encourage all students, faculty and staff to attend.

Tuesday, April 3
As part of National Public Health Week, SmokingWords will be in the LSU Quad from 11:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. picking up cigarette butt litter on campus. Please come out and support SmokingWords' initiative to make LSU a tobacco-free campus. Also, come sign the SmokingWords banner petition if you support a tobacco-free LSU!

Wednesday, March 21
To celebrate national Kick Butts Day, SmokingWords hosted a table at LSU's 29th Annual Health & Wellness Fair. The event was held in the Royal Cotillion Ballroom of the LSU Student Union. Students, faculty and staff attended to receive free health information and screenings. Check out the LSU Daily Reveille article about SmokingWords at the fair.

Tuesday, March 20
SmokingWords was featured on LSU Tiger TV's Newsbeat. Check out the
SmokingWords segment .

SmokingWords kicks off its "Fresh Start LSU 2012" campaign

SmokingWords is "kicking butts and taking names" this year. The educational movement has been active on campus raising awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco and how LSU students, faculty and staff can get involved in making LSU a tobacco-free campus. 

At the "fresh start" of the campaign, SmokingWords representatives attended the 5th Annual Young Adult Summit on Tobacco at Dillard University. This event gave SmokingWords the opportunity to meet individuals and organizations from other universities that are involved in tobacco-free initiatives.

In addition, SmokingWords participated in the 29th Annual LSU Health & Wellness Fair. The fair was a great success, and SmokingWords was able to reach out to the campus community with information about the dangers of tobacco, cessation programs and the overall movement to make LSU a tobacco-free campus. Antendees had the opportunity to sign a petition advocating for the movement, as well as learn about upcoming opportunities to get involved with SmokingWords.
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3/21/2012 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. LSU Health & Wellness Fair- LSU Union
4/03/2012 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Cigarette Butt Cleanup- LSU Quad
 4/03/2012  6:30 p.m.  "Let's Clear the Air" - Daniel Harrington- Holliday Forum
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